Restrict Programs From Accessing The Internet In Windows

Windows Firewall is a handy tool to control the Internet traffic to and from Windows. Windows Firewall lets the user to allow or disallow programs from accessing the Internet. This dialog box usually comes when we open a program for the first time. Windows Firewall was introduced in Windows XP SP1 and it is still(…)

Key Features of Windows 8 That You Should Know

Last month, Microsoft released a consumer preview of next generation Windows 8 OS. The company announced scores of features in the recent Build Conference held in Anaheim. In a nutshell, the features which are largely discussed and debated in various forms of media include Touch-screens support, Metro interface, enhanced performance and countless of features. Here,(…)

2 Tools To Create Custom Portable Apps

If you are a portable apps lover then you would have wished about so many programs and applications that they were portable but couldn’t find their portable versions. Today I’ll write about two portable apps creators. Both of them are very good. Let’s talk about both of them one by one. Cameyo

How To Permanently Delete Files From Computer

There are a few methods to delete files from the computer. In Windows, we can hit the delete button or right click any folder or file and select delete to delete the file or folder. By default, this will take the file to the recycle bin and then we can empty the recycle bin to(…)

Ultimate Portable Tools Suite For USB LiberKey

LiberKey is a suite of Open Source and Free Portable applications that can be stored and run directly from a USB device. The LiberKey is available in three forms Basic, Standard and Ultimate editions. New software can also be added in the any suite. LiberKey has it’s own portable application launcher that resides in the(…)

Portable Antiviruses For USB

Portable Antiviruses can be used without installing. So they can be taken into the USB drives or CD/DVD Drives. This can be useful if you want to clean a infected computer with no Antivirus. These antivirus can be updated to include the latest signature. But the only problem with them is that they can be(…)

Password Protect USB Mass Storage Ports With PenyuUsb

Keeping track of the USB usage on a network is really very difficult. The biggest challenge comes in when an administrator has disabled a USB port across the network and he wants to allow some of the users to use the USB devices. Till now the solution to the USB problem has been to disable(…)

Portable System Information Tool

As a systems administrator, I have to hop from one system to another and I have to keep an eye on the system information and configuration while I’m working on that system to better understand the way it is configured and troubleshooting also gets easier. In this mobile environment I need to have a portable(…)